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In a significant move towards advancing technology in the horticulture sector, Aranet proudly announces its strategic partnership with HortiAdvice, a leading consultancy firm specializing in research and development within the horticulture industry. 

HortiAdvice, renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence, features a unique online tactical tool named InfoGrow. This tool empowers growers by providing real-time data about plant growth, enabling them to optimize crop production based on resource use. The platform’s capabilities align seamlessly with Aranet’s mission to enhance efficiency and productivity in agricultural practices. 

A noteworthy aspect of this collaboration is the integration of Aranet’s cutting-edge sensors into HortiAdvice’s InfoGrow system. This synergy allows growers to harness the power of Aranet’s sensor technology within the InfoGrow 2.0™ platform. 

Gints Antoms, Sales Director at Aranet, stated, “This partnership signifies a collective commitment to driving innovation in horticulture, leveraging technology to propel the industry forward. Aranet is honored to collaborate with HortiAdvice, and together, we look forward to transforming the landscape of modern agriculture.” 

For more information about this partnership and the innovative solutions it brings, please contact Aranet at

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