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Research fields of interest

We support academic R&D activities and want to hear about your research project. Do you work in the following fields?

  • Indoor air quality
  • HVAC industry
  • Horticulture
  • Livestock industry
  • Retail

If your R&D topic is not part of this list, please check the list of the sensors we offer. Should you find sensors useful for your research, do not hesitate to fill out the questionnaire on the bottom of this page.

Program eligibility requirements

To qualify for the program, you must: 

  • Be affiliated with an academic or other research institution
  • Have a project in the respective field(s)

Optionally, you can make a case about your application outside the listed topics if you believe you would qualify otherwise. 

Our offer 

Once your project qualifies as relevant to the application of Aranet wireless sensing IoT ecosystem, we can provide you with a Quote:

Discount off MSRP for base stations and sensors

FREE cloud subscription

FREE Technical Support: Hardware Setup, Cloud Setup, Monitoring

Collaboration progress
& outcomes 

Part of our commitment is to continually learn about ways to improve our technology, as well as let the world know about outstanding results or insights Aranet helped provide.

Therefore, during the lifetime of your research project, we ask you to share your findings, feedback, and results with our product development & marketing team, including case studies, white papers, press releases, or social media engagement.

How to start

Please fill in the following form and you will hear from us soon. 

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