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Easy to install

Place wireless sensors where they are needed. No lengthy wires and drilling.

Identify issues sooner

Our sensors help you identify problems real-time so you can take immediate action

Adapt to your needs

Scale your fleet as your premises grow without the need for extra support

Know what you breathe!

Ensuring optimal indoor air quality is essential for human well-being, productivity, and health.

IoT ecosystem for your business

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3

Sensor 4


A variety of wireless sensors that monitor conditions indoors

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Base 1

Base 2

Base stations

One or multiple base stations that gather and store data from sensors

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A cloud service to access, view and analyze all your data in one place

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Navigate through HVAC challenges with Aranet

Optimize energy consumption

Optimizing energy-intensive equipment like heating, ventilation, lighting, and industrial machinery is crucial for cost and sustainability. Aranet provides insights into building parameters such as air quality, temperature, energy consumption, and equipment operation, enabling data-driven decision-making.

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Indoor air quality for performance and effectiveness

Ensuring optimal environmental parameters is essential for human well-being, productivity, and health. With the Aranet ecosystem, operators gain precise data on key parameters like CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, and particulate matter levels, enabling proactive measures to ensure a healthier environment for occupants.

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Proactive maintenance and repair

Performing regular maintenance significantly reduces risks of major ventilation and heating system failures, preventing costly repairs and minimizing energy usage. Sensors can identify instances, timing, and locations where equipment is not operating properly, facilitating data-driven decisions for proactive maintenance.

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Centralized access for all building data

Acquire a virtual replica of an HVAC system for building monitoring and control. Utilize the Aranet Cloud platform to capture the HVAC system's behavior, performance, and characteristics. Automate processes through integration with building management systems.

Make data-based decisions with Aranet

Easy to deploy and with almost no maintenance

No drilling or lengthy wire installations required. Wireless sensors run on batteries, lasting several years. Typically only one base station for the building is needed.

Integrate into any data platform or Building system (BMS) of choice

Integrate with various IT systems through protocols like MQTT, Modbus TCP/IP, and BACnet IP. Use Aranet Cloud API to integrate with any Web or cloud-based IT system.

Heartbeat of your building with minute precision

Make data-driven decisions based on real-time data, tailored to the ongoing situation in the building. Measurement intervals range from 1 to 10 minutes.

Cloud – a one-stop solution

Aranet Cloud provides centralized data access and device management. Cloud platform involves alerting and notification features, data monitoring, and sharing options.

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