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Measure where it is needed!

Install wireless sensors all around the greenhouse without lengthy wires

Identify issues sooner

Improve your yield by detecting deviations early on

Adapt to your needs

Scale your fleet as your business grows without the need for extra support

Increase yield by tracking processes in the greenhouse

Getlini EKO is one of the most advanced greenhouses in the world that uses LED lighting to grow cucumbers. By installing Aranet sensors, their yield increased by a staggering 20%

IoT ecosystem for your business

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3

Sensor 4


A variety of wireless sensors that monitor conditions in your greenhouse

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Base 1

Base 2

Base stations

One or multiple base stations that gather and store data from sensors

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A cloud service to access, view and analyze all your data in one place

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Navigate through horticulture challenges with Aranet

Track the environment in a greenhouse

Monitor the greenhouse ambient conditions by measuring critical parameters like temperature, relative humidity, PAR light levels, and CO2 concentration. Aranet's innovative T/RH sensor is designed to provide accurate measurements even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Monitor the growth processes of plants

Aranet provides solutions to monitor plant growth responses to environmental changes. Evaluate Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and study plant responses to changing conditions. Optimize plant growth and yield with Aranet's weighting solutions, tracking biomass increase, plant weight, water addition, drainage weight, and more.

Know what happens in the root zone

Utilize data on volumetric water content and electrical conductivity in the substrate to make data-based decisions about irrigation and salinity management. Analyzing drainage water measurements provides insights into irrigation efficiency.

Centralized access for all greenhouse data

All greenhouse data in one platform. Utilize Aranet Cloud to monitor the environment in one or several greenhouses - analyze, compare, and make data-driven decisions about ventilation, lighting, irrigation, and other critical conditions.

Make data-based decisions with Aranet

Simple implementation

Wireless sensors are easy to install. In greenhouses, the distance between a base station and sensors can be up to 150 meters.

Easy to use

Most sensors are powered by batteries with a lifespan of several years, offering ultimate flexibility in usage and relocation to find the most suitable placement, independent of any wiring.

Cloud platform for all greenhouse data

Monitor greenhouse data from anywhere, anytime! Analyze and manage Aranet devices, and receive notifications when parameters are out of range.

Integrate to automate

Integrate with 3rd party control systems using MQTT, Modbus TCP/IP, and BACnet IP protocols. Aranet is compatible with solutions from various greenhouse software partners.

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