For Home For Pro

Set it up in an hour

Place your sensors and connect them to Aranet PRO base station in just an hour

Identify issues sooner

Our sensors help you identify problems real-time so you can take immediate action

Adapt to your needs

Scale your fleet as your stores grow without the need for extra support

Avoid food spoilage by monitoring conditions in freezers

Our client, a large retail chain in the Baltics, chose Aranet to upgrade their freezer monitoring. Now they have a fully centralized, automatic, 24/7 solution that saves time & resources and avoids food spoilage

IoT ecosystem for your business

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3

Sensor 4


A variety of wireless sensors that monitor conditions in your store

Explore sensors

Base 1

Base 2

Base stations

One or multiple base stations that gather and store data from sensors

Explore base stations



A cloud service to access, view and analyze all your data in one place

Explore cloud

Not sure what you need?

That’s the reason why we are here. Let us know what you would like to improve about your business and we will find a solution

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