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Why integrate with Cloud API

Secure data retrieval

A safe and reliable way to get current and historical data from the Aranet ecosystem through the internet.

Remote management

Configure and manage base stations and sensors in an online interface regardless of your physical location.


Effortless connection of unlimited amount of base stations and sensors after one-time integration.

Long-term savings

High repeatability of base station installation and troubleshooting remotely saves resources and labour cost.

Aranet Cloud API is simple and convenient

  • Access all Aranet cloud data via pull-type integration
  • No 3rd party data storage necessary - all data available in Aranet Cloud
  • Full data history and backup available on a secure server
  • Access all cloud specific data - virtual sensors, alarms, assets
  • API key authorization, JSON data format

Join Aranet software Alliance Program

Using our Cloud API makes your business smarter, joining our Software Alliance even more so, here is why

  • Access to all sensor data in your platform
  • Active promo of your software through our sales channels and industry events
  • Commission for Aranet sensor sales
  • Marketing of your software on our social media channels
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Aranet Software partners

See how our partners from horticulture, IAQ & HVAC, livestock, and retail industries benefit from the Cloud API integration. If you are a software developer looking for the best IoT sensors, we are here for you.

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Aranet wireless sensing solution applications


Maximize yield of modern greenhouse by monitoring and adjusting climate conditions.


Minimize energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and provide useful data for building management system.


ensure the best living conditions for animals and maximize the quality of the final product.


comply with HACCP regulations, optimize energy usage, prevent food spoilage, and maintain a healthy space for customers.

Start Cloud API integration today

Check out our demo that provides direct experience of all the Aranet sensor system possibilities before diving in fully. Explore available sensors, latest measurements, long term history, or specified period data.

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API terms of Use

We like people too. Whether you run a school or grow tomatoes, we want to help you achieve more. Tell us about your business and let’s see how we can help.

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