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Why do I need to monitor CO2 concentration?

High CO2 levels can negatively affect your well-being, comfort, and productivity. For example, if CO2 levels reach 1000 ppm, your cognitive abilities drop by 15%. At 1400 ppm and above, they decrease by a staggering 50%. Additionally, CO2 monitoring helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as CO2 level is a good proxy for COVID-19 infection risk.

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What is the NDIR sensor and why is it preferred over other types of sensors?

Aranet4 uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor for measuring the CO2 level. This type of CO2 reading provides a higher precision than regular electrochemical sensors. Curious to see how it works?

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How and when to calibrate Aranet4?

Aranet4 is calibrated at the factory so if you’ve just received your new device, there is no need to calibrate it. We recommend you calibrate Aranet4 once a year.

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What is Aranet ecosystem?

Aranet ecosystem consists of three components – Aranet sensors, Aranet PRO base station and Aranet Cloud. Altogether they ensure a full end-to-end monitoring solution for a wide range of industries.

How to pair sensors with the Aranet PRO base station?

Pairing your sensors to the Aranet PRO base station is quick and straight-forward.

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What is Aranet Cloud and where can I register for it?

Aranet Cloud is an industrial-grade software solution for data collection, aggregation, and analysis. It offers centralized reporting, customizable dashboards, and helpful alarms to give you an overview of all your assets from wherever you are.

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How to integrate Aranet with third party systems?

Currently Aranet system has 2 options for third party integrations – via Aranet Cloud open SenML push-type API or with the help of MQTT protocol from the Aranet PRO base station.

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What can I use Aranet4 App for?

With Aranet4 App you can view 7-day measurement history, track atmospheric pressure, set a buzzer, change measurement frequency and color indicator thresholds, and much more. Download it here: 

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How to export measurement data from Aranet4 App?

Simply go into your Aranet4 App, tap onto the dashboard view in the top right corner. Once there, tap on the “Sharing” icon in the top rigt corner and choose how you would like to share or download it.

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How to set a buzzer on Aranet4?

To set up a buzzer, follow these steps: 1) Open your Aranet4 App; 2) Click on the “Gear” icon in the top right corner; 3) Select “Buzzer” and choose “On, once” or “On, every time” depending on your preference.

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