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One stop solution for all your data

Capture data from multiple locations in one centralized service where you can view and analyze all your data 24/7. Enjoy comprehensive user rights management for you to be in control of what information you share with others.

What is Aranet Cloud?

Manage your devices from Aranet Cloud

Add or manage sensors through the Cloud interface. Upload licenses and upgrade the newest firmware to the base station remotely by using Aranet Cloud.

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Smart and effective alerting

Automate your monitoring by setting alarms, configuring thresholds and activating notifications that will alert you when action needs to be taken. Be in the know without wasting your time.

Choose how to view your data

Try different ways how to view your data and move your dashboards to the next level. Add floor plans to indicate precise sensor placement or group your sensors by creating assets.

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Adaptable to your business needs

All businesses need room to grow and change. Expand your sensor fleet or add industry specific virtual sensors – our flexible pricing policy is based on the devices you use.

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Simple integration with your system

Aranet Cloud integrations enable developers and partners to instantly access Aranet ecosystem data of all their devices via a single connection regardless of whether it’s a single venue or multiple geographically distributed locations.

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Share your CO2 levels publicly

Aranet Cloud public monitor is a unique functionality that allows you to share CO2 readings from a classroom, shop, cafe, office, or anywhere else you’ve installed the Aranet4 PRO monitor. Let your colleagues or customers know that you’ve taken care of their wellbeing at your place.

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Unified access to all devices and data

Privacy and user management

Wide range of functionality

Aranet Cloud - all your data in one place

Secure and trustworthy

Aranet controls the entire network in its own secure encrypted communication protocol. We are not dependent on the flawed 3rd party cybersecurity.

Easy to use

No complex initial setup to view and manage your data. Sensor pairing takes a few minutes, and you can get your system up and running in an hour.

Data visualization

Create your own dashboards that display data just the way you like. Share your dashboards or keep them private. No coding required.

Top tier support

We won’t be addressing your issues with a robot. Our technical support team is here for you.

Cloud license options

We offer Basic and Pro Aranet Cloud subscriptions. Compare the features to find out which one fits your needs.

Data source
Basic Pro
All Aranet base stations
Aranet sensors
Unlimited Virtual sensors (VPD, DLI, etc.)
Visualization and data representation
Custom dashboards
Dashboard sharing in organization
Custom charts
Unlimited public dashboard tiles
Room & floor plans
Digital twin
Assets – houses, locations, etc.
Remote & other locations
Location based user access management
Ecosystem management
Automated PRO base station backup
Device management from Cloud
Data storage
Connecting base station to Cloud first time, you can load 1 month All
Data retention 2 years 5 years
Monitoring & control
Alarms with 2 thresholds
Email notifications
Complex alarms - time dimension, multiple triggers
Notifications to SMS etc.*
Standard reports - list exports, simple metrics
Export to csv, xls
Integrations & other
Push type API
Cloud API
Custom integration
Extended warranty for any base station 1 year 1 year
Free onboarding training session 1 hour 1 hour

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