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Be safe with Aranet Radiation sensor

Radiation alerts

Stay informed on the spot with Aranet Radiation sensor ionizing radiation detection. The dose rate tracking functionality informs how strong the ambient ionizing radiation is. Our sensor alerts you to the presence of radioactive sources, enabling you to swiftly avoid potentially harmful areas or objects. This feedback is crucial for maintaining a safe environment wherever you go.

Aranet Radiation Sensor Datasheet

Long-Term radiation exposure health risks

High radiation exposure is bad for your health. Understanding your cumulative radiation exposure is key to a healthier lifestyle. Aranet Radiation sensor total dose measurement feature tracks your exposure over time. It helps to track personal radiation history in accordance with medical guidelines. Choose to be informed about the long-term safety of your environment.

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Everyday radiation sources and protection

Everyday environments can harbor unsuspected sources of radiation, from certain building materials to antique items. Aranet Radiation sensor helps you to make informed decisions for a healthier living space.

Why choose Aranet Radiation sensor

Easy to use

Aranet Radiation is easy for anyone to use – the color coding warns you about dangerous ionizing radiation levels

Aranet Home app

Connect your device to the app to view, track, and analyze data from over the past 90 days.

Wireless and portable

The battery life can last up to 4 years.

Take Control of Your Health

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Choose Aranet Radiation for a peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate

Prolonged exposure to elevated levels of ionizing radiation is linked to various health risks, including elevated risks of cancer. Track your environment and take better care of yourself and loved ones.

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