Monitor your temperature and humidity with the Aranet2 HOME sensor. These crucial conditions affect everything; from human productivity and well-being to product manufacturing and cold storage.  

With the Aranet2, tracking these fundamental factors becomes easy.

  • Optimize indoor environments for productivity, well-being, storage, etc. 
  • Wireless, portable, and easy to use
  • Laboratory-grade precision sensors track conditions, helping identify moisture buildups and prevent mold/bacteria blooms
  • Connect to our free Aranet Home app for 90 days of data and export it for long-term tracking
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Energy-efficient and high-visibility E-Ink display 
  • About five years of battery life when set to five-minute readings

While circumstances can fluctuate, discovering the patterns that personable spaces have means being able to solve problems and promote well-being. Safeguard your homes, baby nurseries, pet care habitats, beehives, cigars in humidors, home brews, art, musical instruments, and much more.  

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