The Aranet IoT ecosystem stands out as a versatile wireless monitoring system, adept for both home and industrial applications. With distinct product series —Aranet Home for residential use and Aranet PRO for industrial applications—the ecosystem caters to a broad spectrum of monitoring needs.  

Aranet Home vs Aranet PRO

Aranet Home is perfectly suited for home environments, offering reliable and user-friendly monitoring solutions. In contrast, Aranet PRO is engineered to address the more demanding requirements of industries such as HVAC, Horticulture, Livestock, and others where detailed, continuous monitoring is essential. 

The Core of Aranet PRO IoT Ecosystem

At the heart of the Aranet PRO ecosystem are its wireless sensors, known for their ease of installation, longevity in battery life, and extensive wireless range. Complementing these sensors are the base stations, which not only collect and wirelessly upload data but also facilitate user access to this data via Aranet Cloud. This cloud solution empowers users to monitor and analyze processes from anywhere, anytime. 

Sensor capabilities 

Aranet sensors are adept at monitoring a variety of environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and more, both indoors and outdoors. They are crucial in diverse applications, from HVAC system efficiency to plant growth in horticulture. Measurement data are transmitted to the Base station at selected intervals ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. Sensors only require on-site battery placement for connection to the Base station, remote management is facilitated through the Base station and Aranet Cloud interface. Additionally, third-party sensors can be wirelessly connected to Aranet transmitters and integrated into the Aranet ecosystem. Discover more in our product list

Base station – a central hub for all your data  

The sensors utilize base stations as central hubs to collect and store data. Base stations operate in the field and are accessible to users through Wi-Fi or remotely when connected to the internet. An LTE option is also available. Base stations offer sensor monitoring and data overview functionalities, along with integration options. 

Monitor and analyze with Aranet Cloud  

Connect the base station to Aranet Cloud to enhance your Aranet ecosystem experience. Serving as a centralized platform, Aranet Cloud provides access to data from multiple base stations located in different places. This solution offers comprehensive data analysis and allows for remote management of base stations and sensors. It takes less than a minute from measurement to access data in Aranet Cloud. Enhance your monitoring capabilities by automating processes—set alarms, configure thresholds, and activate notifications for prompt action. Start a free trial of Aranet Cloud

Integration with Third-Party IT Systems 

The Aranet ecosystem can be integrated with various IT systems through protocols like MQTT, Modbus TCP/IP, and BACnet IP. Aranet Cloud API can be integrated with any Web or cloud-based IT system or used as a data source for 3rd party applications.  

Support and Technical Resources 

Aranet is committed to providing comprehensive support with technical assistance for instant solutions to technical issues. For more in-depth information on product installation, integration, and other technical aspects, visit the Aranet forum

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