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“Back to the Office” webinar focuses on the importance of microclimate and employee body temperature measurements to ensure a safe return to the office in the pandemic environment. Listen till the end to learn why Aranet4 devices are selling out so quickly right now and why CO2 measurements can be a great proxy for measuring the indoor air quality!    


  • The Relation between the Air Quality and Covid-19 3:56
  • The Research on Small Droplet and Aerosol SARS-CoV-2 Transmission 7:50
  • Practical Recommendations for Building Services Operation 14:51
  • Why is CO2 an Important Metric in the Pandemic Environment? 18:35
  • A Portable Solution for CO2 Measurement – Aranet4 20:27
  • Impact of the CO2 on Our Cognition 26:41
  • Human body temperature measurements 37:10
  • Conclusions and Q&A 48:40    

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