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We are starting new video case study series with a true success story from Getlini Eko – one of the most modern greenhouses in the world.


Based on the research done at the Warsaw University, the Latvian company Getlini started to perform tests with LED lights and cucumbers, looking for ways to increase the yield per square meter. In 2017 Getlini built the world’s first full-LED greenhouse. Every degree and gram matters when it comes to optimizing the growth of cucumbers, and this is where reliable environmental monitoring comes in. Getlini implemented Aranet solution in their cucumber greenhouse after seeing that the yield increase with LED lights alone did not meet the expectations. Currently Getlini are using all of the Aranet sensors designed for plant monitoring.


Getlini EKO improved their yearly yield by 20% using the Aranet wireless sensors.

Watch the video to learn how your horticulture business can benefit from implementing a wireless sensor ecosystem to optimize growth!



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