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Seoul, South Korea – SAF Tehnika Asia, a subsidiary of SAF Tehnika, whose leading brand is Aranet, is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Croft, an innovative startup specializing in AI-driven software for the horticulture industry. 

Croft is a dynamic startup composed of a talented team of nine professionals dedicated to improving the horticulture sector. Their advanced software utilizes cutting-edge AI technology (Chat GPT) to assist growers in optimizing crop yields and achieving superior harvests. 

The success of Croft’s software relies heavily on accurate and reliable data. After evaluating numerous sensor solutions, Croft selected Aranet’s sensors as the best fit for their needs, recognizing the high-level precision and performance of Aranet’s technology. 

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies. Yuri Isarov, Managing Director of SAF Tehnika Asia, stated,

“We are excited to collaborate with Croft and support their mission to enhance horticultural practices through AI. Our Aranet sensors will provide the high-quality data necessary for Croft’s software to deliver precise analysis and actionable recommendations.” 

The Korean horticulture market presents substantial growth potential, with tens of thousands of greenhouses ranging from low-tech to high-tech facilities. SAF Tehnika Asia is committed to meeting the unique demands of this market by developing a specialized firmware version for both sensors and base stations tailored to Korean requirements. The company has invested in this development and is currently finalizing the testing and certification of the first batch of sensors for the Korean market. 
The collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to drive advancements in horticultural technology and improve agricultural productivity. 





About SAF Tehnika: SAF Tehnika is a leading provider of wireless environmental monitoring solutions under the brand Aranet. Aranet offers a range of advanced sensors and cloud-based platforms designed to deliver precise, real-time data for various industries, including horticulture, agriculture, and industrial applications. 




About Croft: Croft is a startup focused on the horticulture segment, offering AI-powered software solutions that help growers achieve better crop yields. For more information, visit  

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