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The Aranet team is headed to the Jaarbeurs Utrecht in the Netherlands for Vakbeurs Facilitair – the annual exposition for facility management on June 7–9, 2023.  

Often called the “World’s most influential show”, our experts are thrilled to give demonstrations on how wireless sensors and data tracking are revolutionizing modern building operations. Come visit us at booth 11.6.1 so we can answer questions, display solutions, and interact with interested parties.  

We will also present a feature demonstration on June 7th at 13:00. There, we’ll showcase how indoor air quality sensors, energy metering solutions, and our software alliance partner Blockbax’s software transform sensor data into actionable insights. 

Real-time data flows are optimizing flows, saving money, cutting power, troubleshooting problems, and much more. Feel free to book a meeting for an in-depth product explanation. 

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