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We’re excited to roll out the latest update for the Aranet Home app (v3.5.0) and firmware (v1.4.14) for Aranet4. This update significantly enhances your device’s capabilities:

Extended Device Storage: Store your air quality data for up to 30 days, with storage duration varying based on measurement intervals.

  • 1-minute interval: 3.5 days of storage
  • 2-minute interval: 7 days of storage
  • 5-minute interval: 15 days of storage
  • 10-minute interval: 30 days of storage

Instant Measurement Feature: Now available on all Aranet4 devices, including rev.14, for real-time air quality readings.

For help setting up the Instant Measurement feature, visit our video tutorial: Aranet Tutorial.


Download the Aranet Home app for iPhone on the App Store or Android on Google Play.

Learn more about the Aranet Home app features here.

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