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The Embassy of Latvia to the UK is the first Latvian diplomatic mission to be using the Aranet ecosystem on its premises.

The Embassy installed nine Aranet4 monitors, an Aranet PRO base station, and Aranet Cloud at their office in London. This has made it easier for employees to keep indoor environments healthy and pleasant.

“We benefit the most from using the Aranet ecosystem during public events where the air quality can deteriorate quite quickly. Seeing CO2 levels rise allows us to act immediately and improve ventilation before the air quality declines too much,” said Ivita Burmistre, Ambassador of Latvia to the UK.

Installing and using the Aranet ecosystem has also had a positive effect on the employees’ ability to concentrate, reduced fatigue, and increased work productivity.

“We are happy about these positive effects and the chance to represent Latvia as a modern and science-based OECD country by using the high-quality IoT systems created by SAF Tehnika,” added the Ambassador.

The set of Aranet4 monitors and Aranet PRO base station was a donation from SAF Tehnika to the Embassy.

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