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It’s an unfortunate reality that fraudsters are selling products with designs and materials similar to actual Aranet products. 

When choosing to purchase equipment, please make sure to do so through the official Aranet eCommerce store, one of our licensed distributors, or on Amazon: USA, Italy, United Kingdom, or France

If you do come across a knockoff product that seems similar Aranet (for example, like this fake one), here are a few ways to verify validity:

  1. Packaging: All Aranet devices are branded and packaged relative to specific company standards.
  2. Logo: The Aranet logo will be broadly displayed across the front of the face. Without this icon, the device is false.*
  3. Pairing: A real Aranet4 can be linked to the official Aranet application for remote viewing and management. 
  4. Manufacture: All Aranet products are created in Latvia in the European Union. This is the only current manufacturing location. 

If you find any suspicious products, or would like to report potential fraudulent activity, please email us at or reach out to our support desk


*You might’ve noticed that there are two variations of the Aranet brand included above. Both logos are correct.


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