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Indoor air quality is getting more traction every year, and 2022 was no exception. The Aranet team is thrilled to be a part of this journey. We would like to share and celebrate our favorite and most meaningful moments of the past year with you.  

Going to high places 
Throughout this year, many Aranet4 users shared their readings from offices, restaurants and other public places online. The community spirit warmed our heart and helped us understand which places are more likely to be a higher risk for stuffiness and catching airborne infections. American public health scientist Eric Liang Feigl-Ding even took his Aranet4 HOME to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The results were interesting and raised quite a lively debate on Twitter.  

Best indoor air quality monitor of 2022 
The New York Times Wirecutter has ranked Aranet4 as one of the best home air quality monitors. To top that off, when it comes to indoor air quality specifically, Aranet4 is the first on the list!  


A step in the right direction 
Glasgow City Council bought 5 000 Aranet4 monitors to measure the air quality in every teaching space in the city. We’re glad to see that an increasing number of national governments make official requirements for schools to measure CO2 and keep the air healthy. Being the top choice of an entire city is also a splendid achievement. We hope next year even more schools will choose to ensure healthy air quality for their pupils. 

Becoming more accessible 
Several Canadian libraries have begun Aranet4 monitor lending programs. Kudos to Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Peterborough, High River, and many more cities offering this service for the public! And to people actively encouraging the trend, for example, on Twitter. We think it’s working – several libraries in the USA and other countries worldwide are planning to introduce similar programs very soon. Stay tuned to find out which!  

Looking inside, what made all this and much more possible was a wonderful team supported by partners, clients, and experts alike. Together we keep expanding and striving for indoor air quality that helps people realize their full potential.  


Like the time everyone came together to finish an order  
When 7000+ Aranet4 PRO monitors needed a manual reconfiguration before being delivered in just three days, we knew we’re going to get it done… We just weren’t entirely sure how. Then everyone at SAF Tehnika pitched in to unpack every single device, open it up, flick a tiny switch on the back of the monitor and repackage it. We completed the task in a little over a day, the client received their order on time, and we were once again reaffirmed of the strength, dedication, and reliability of teamwork. 


Or the time we had the chance to help Ukrainian soldiers 
Thanks to our clients and business partners, we have had a marvelous year. Our team wanted to express that gratitude by doing one last good deed for others this year. Not only the employees agreed to spend this year’s corporate Christmas gift budget to donate much-needed SUVs to Ukrainian soldiers, but also pitched in with even more individual donations to fill those cars with warm socks, sleeping mats, and other useful things.  


So much has been achieved this year, and many things to look forward to. We wish you a happy holiday season and hope to see you again in 2023 when we’ll be back with an even bigger bang!   

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