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Since autumn 2020, Aranet4 CO2 monitor has been used as a part of an extensive scientific study conducted by the University of Brescia. The study investigates the indoor presence of Sars-CoV-2 by air sampling, and the purposes of it are to:

  • Determine the relationship between virus presence and transmission risk
  • Explore the effectiveness of the prevention and containment measures adopted.

Currently, the scientists have conducted environmental sampling campaigns in two Institutes in Milan and are set to conduct two more campaigns in hospitals in Milan and Brescia until spring 2022. Already the study has carried out 29 individual air samplings involving a total of 290 children and 47 caregivers.  While the study is still ongoing, the first observations and results are becoming clear. Results show a significant dependence of the aerosol size distribution and CO2 concentration from ventilation conditions. These findings highlight that CO2 levels can be used as a proxy to determine the risk of infection and underline the effectiveness of ventilation as a prevention measure.  

While various technologies were used to conduct the study, Aranet4 was chosen to obtain CO2 concentration, humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure measurements.  

“Aranet4 is the ­ideal tool to be used for sampling campaign in locations not equipped with any environmental monitoring system,”

explains Laura Borgese, the Associate Professor of the University of Brescia.  

Aranet4 is designed to be easy to use, versatile and highly reliable. It is our pleasure to hear that our device serves the scientific community and helps in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  

If you are using an Aranet4 device to conduct a study and have results to share – reach out to us!

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