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Great news for the Aranet4 users in areas of higher altitude and lower atmospheric pressure! The new firmware update with lower pressure CO2 calibration correction in high altitude locations has been published via Aranet4 app update v. 1.19:

  • For Apple devices in App Store: here 
  • For Android devices in Google Play: here

  Please update the Aranet4 app on your device to v. 1.19 and then also perform firmware update to v. 0.3.9 on Aranet4 device as described on the Aranet Forum.    

If your Aranet4 is already incorrectly calibrated, then:

  • Make the firmware update
  • Recalibrate your Aranet4 like described on the Aranet Forum

 Note that the firmware update is necessary and will be available only for Aranet4 devices with serial numbers: 358581, 306681, 308980 and 381121. Devices with serial numbers other than these should work correctly with the current firmware version 0.3.6. Therefore the firmware update will not be possible on them.  

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