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The people have asked, and Aranet is ready to deliver: It’s our pleasure to announce the release of five sticker collections for the Aranet4 HOME. 

Each set contains a selection of four quality stickers. Each matte decal supplements the traditional white facing of the Aranet4 in its own special way. Now users can customize their devices with a variety of fun collections. 

Colors: Project a splash of color across the otherwise plain face. 
Beige: Add a gentle influx of earth tones and simple designs. 
Rebreathed: Upgrade your display with more specific data. 
Mix: Stretch the limits and baffle description, plus animals. 
Deep: Dive into a more classic, classy black-and white.  

While the Aranet4 is perfectly functional as is, stickers let uses to customize, personalize, and make it truly their own.  

Start spreading that sticker love by going to our Eshop! 

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