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The new Aranet Cloud version 2.0.26 release offers new functionality of remote Aranet hardware configuration using Aranet Cloud.  
Now all users of base stations that are connected to Aranet Cloud can:  

  • Pair and manage sensors  

Sensors can be added and configured from Cloud user interface. It means for sensor installation in a specific location only battery placement in the sensor is required – everything else can be managed by Cloud user platform from any location. 

  • Manage license

The license management function shows the information about the licenses on the base station, including each license state and expiration date. Any new purchased license is available to upload to base station directly from Cloud user interface – no more license file copying onsite 

  • Upgrade firmware of the base station 

Cloud users can remotely upgrade the firmware of all base stations in different locations without traveling to the physical location or without the need to connect to the local user interface. 
Using Aranet Cloud, no longer is needed to complete advanced configuration tasks on the field as key functions can be done via Cloud user interface remotely.

Base station firmware 4.0 and up should be used.  

If you haven’t experienced Aranet Cloud yet, explore how Cloud can improve your Aranet experience by starting with free trial ( 
If you have any questions, please see our resources in the Aranet Forum:  Aranet Cloud Base management  or contact

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